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Usage-based pricing

Monthly active rows

Usage is based on the number of "monthly active rows" (MAR) in a given billing period. An active row is the number of unique rows synced between your source and your database, such as a create, update, or delete. An active row will only be counted once during a billing period, regardless of how many times it is synced or updated. Additionally, your first sync (i.e. backfill) and any re-sync from your source does not add to your monthly active row count.

A quick example will help you understand how monthly active rows work.

A practical example

Let's say you have a simple Airtable base with one table and three rows — A, B, & C:

Mar example 1

As noted above, your first sync of this table isn't counted in your MAR. So to start off, your MAR is 0.

You then add a status to rows A and B. Sequin detects this update and syncs it to your database:

Mar example 2

Your MAR is now 2.

You realize you added the wrong status to column A and correct the status:

Mar example 3

Again, Sequin detects this update and syncs it to your database, but because we've already synced row A, this change doesn't affect your MAR. So your MAR is still 2.

Finally, you want to add a new note's column to your table. You add the new field, which adds a new column for all your rows — A, B, and C are updated:

Mar example 4

This updates row C by adding a new blank field to the row. This is the first update to row C, but a subsequent update for rows A and B. So your MAR goes up by 1 to a total of 3 MAR.

As you can see, instead of needing to guess how frequently your data is being synced due to updates, you can reason about MAR by looking at the size of your source and the general amount of rows being added, deleted, or updated (at least once) in a month.

Estimating your usage

As soon as you create a new sync in Sequin, we'll begin tallying your monthly active records for your source.

You can access these usage metrics in the Sequin console by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner and selecting Usage.

Every hour, we'll calculate your MAR by sync and in total. You'll also see your total MAR trend graphed by day.

As a general guide, you can approximate the monthly active rows for a source to be about 10% of the total rows in the source. For instance, if you have 500,000 rows in your Salesforce database, your MAR will likely be around 50,000.

This is a very rough guideline, but is a good way to estimate MAR before you start a sync.

Managing your usage

There are several ways for you to control your usage and manage your Sequin bill.

Select the tables you need

Sync only the tables you need. In the Sequin console, you can add or remove tables from your sync at any time. We encourage you to only the sync the tables you need for your use case.

Avoid duplicate syncs

Avoid creating multiple syncs from the same source. We're happy to work with you if you need developer databases or have other use cases where multiple syncs from the same source is helpful.

Changes that affect all rows

Any change to your source that affects all rows — such as a bulk update or adding a new field — will cause all the rows in the source to be counted in MAR. This can happen if you're using a calculated field: a field that automatically gets updated when other data changes (e.g. when price is updated, automatically calculate the new tax amount). In Airtable, these fields are referred to as formula or computed fields or formula fields in Salesforce. Since these fields can be recalculated daily and touch all records, this would lead to a much higher MAR each month.

If you do not need to sync these calculated fields to your database, you can use our column mapping feature to de-select those from your sync and significantly reduce your MAR.

How billing works

We charge based on how many monthly active rows we sync in a billing period. This means that in a given month the bill you receive will be for the previous month of use, not the current one.

You pay for MAR in 1,000 row increments. The cost per row decreases as you scale.

For example, a customer that syncs 600K monthly active rows in a given month over all their syncs would see the following on their invoice:

  • The first 10,000 MAR are included in the pro tier for $75.
  • The next 90,000 MAR are billed at $4.00 / 1,000 MAR, totaling $360.
  • The next 500,000 MAR are billed at $1.00 / 1,000 MAR, totaling $500.

The total invoice for the month is $75 + $360 + $500 = $935.


If you have any questions about our billing or would like to talk with sales, please send us an email or chat message.