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Dev, Staging, & Production

To fit Sequin into your development workflow, you can create syncs for each of your environments (e.g. dev, staging, and prod). Sequin lets you migrate your sync configuration between syncs.

Environment tags

To facilitate a structured and smooth development process, we encourage you to setup a sync for each environment your team uses. For example, you might have a sync for your local development environment, a sync for your staging environment, and a sync for your production environment.

To help you keep track of your syncs, you can tag each sync with an environment tag. When you setup a sync, you'll be prompted to select an environment tag. You can also add or edit the environment tag for a sync at any time from the sync's settings page.

Development sources

As a best practice, we also suggest that for development and staging syncs, you setup development sources so you can test your integration without causing issues in production.

Some sources make it easier than other to replicate a production environment. For example, Stripe provides a test mode. Salesforce and HubSpot provide sandboxes. Other sources, like Airtable and Shopify, don't provide a way to replicate a production environment. In these cases, you'll either create and configure a developer account or duplicate the resource.

We provide guides for each source that explain how to setup a developer account, sandbox account, or test account.

Migrating configurations

In the course of building your integration, you'll likely start with a development sync and then want to migrate your configuration to your staging and production syncs. This allows you to test your integration and data model in a controlled environment before deploying it to production.

To help you do this, you can copy the configuration from one sync to another. To do this, go to the Mapping tab for the sync you want to copy to and click the "Copy config from" button. Then select the sync you want to copy. We'll show you the diff between the two syncs before you confirm the copy.