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The syncing process

Sequin workers first backfill your database with all your Shopify data by paginating through all Shopify REST API endpoints.

Then, after the backfill, we monitor Shopify Webhooks to apply any creates, updates, or deletes within a couple seconds.


Your Sequin database is read-only.

We advocate for a one-way data flow: read from your Sequin database, write to Shopify's API. Any changes will flow down to your Sequin database for you to read again.

Sometimes, you want to make sure that changes that you just wrote have been synced to your database. We call this scenario a read-after-write.

To do so, you can call our wait endpoint. To find the URL for your sync's wait endpoint, just click "Connect" in the Sequin console. Wait endpoints take this form:

Where `kind` is the platform, like `stripe` or `close`. `id` is the Sequin ID of your sync.

A wait endpoint only returns after we've confirmed your database is up-to-date. So, you can weave it into your workflow like this:

  1. Make a write request directly to the API
  2. Call your sync's wait endpoint
  3. When #2 completes, read from your Sequin database

Here's an example curl request to a wait endpoint on Sequin:

> curl
< { "ok": true }

Note: The wait endpoint is in alpha and experimental. We may add additional properties to the response in the near future.


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